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What is

The blog is an ambitious project set up by Gérald, an own-account trader. This means that he invests his own money to generate his own profits. He therefore does not work for a company and has no financial interest in favouring one platform over another. He has decided to put his expertise on brokers offering online trading services at the service of as many people as possible – from beginners to professionals. He wishes to present existing financial opportunities as objectively as possible. On his blog he addresses all the topics related to web trading: strategies, points of vigilance to recognise good brokers, technical lexicons, news and analysis. is the ideal place to benefit from a well-argued and relevant comparison of online brokers specialising in Forex or Binary Options. Based on factual criteria will establish a ranking of online trading platforms so that every budding investor can select the broker that best suits his or her objectives, investment strategies and user preferences. At a glance and with one click complete reviews are available. Gérald’s blog is an opportunity to benefit from the advice of an expert to get off to a good start in the financial markets.

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Our specialist blog offers its visitors a “Dossiers” section where help articles are grouped together. These tips, based on the practical, day-to-day experience of the manager, address 3 main themes that are essential to start investing effectively.

Learn to trade online

This article compiles all the fundamentals and tips to be mastered before opening an account on an online trading platform: how a broker works, a basic lexicon to understand the world of financial markets, essential features, profit mechanisms. Find our article by clicking here.

Find the best broker

In this file our expert trader gives his tips to objectively choose the online broker who will ensure your profitability: functionalities, reliability, customer service, brokerage fees, internal training. It is on these basic criteria that part of the site’s ranking is based.

How to invest your money?

In this section offers a range of factual, tried and tested tips and strategies for making profits as a trader. Are you a rather timid trader? Or on the contrary an aggressive investor who likes to scalp? This dossier presents and explains the different ways to invest your money sustainably.