Avis BDSwiss, a reliable and efficient online trading platform?


Our Summary

The chances of success are guaranteed when you bring together the best of several disciplines towards a common goal. This is the basic idea of the developers of the online broker BDSwiss. In 2012, the Swiss holding company brought together the cream of web technology applied to online trading with the expert skills of finance. Thus the broker BDSwiss was born. More specifically BDSwiss forex and BDSwiss binary option with its set of highly volatile products. The broker quickly made a place for itself on the market thanks to certification by the Cypriot regulatory authority CySEC, then other European stock exchanges including the English BDSwiss via the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), offices were even opened in Paris. What is the real situation? What is it that makes the regulated broker often cited among the best stock exchange intermediaries? What are its assets? What are its main features and prices? Does BDSwiss offer an online trading experience that makes the difference? All the answers you need in our opinion BDSwiss is one of the best brokers.

How do I open compte ?

The online trading platform is faithful to other CFD brokers by offering a simplified and quick registration to access its services. The entire process takes place online from the account opening form at the reception desk. The form consists of a section with personal data: surname, first name, email address, telephone number, country of domicile. When this information is correctly entered, a validation code is sent by SMS for confirmation by the user. A second part is devoted to a small test of the future investor’s knowledge of financial markets and trading strategy. This gives an indication to the medium of the real capacity of the listed person to trade on the stock exchange. Then comes the choice between the BDSwiss Demo account and the real money trader account. If the choice is made for the second option, supporting documents must be sent to the support service as soon as possible: identity document (CNI or valid passport) and proof of residence less than 3 months old (such as an energy or telephone bill). These documents release the deposit and withdrawal.

bdswiss account

The demo account

The Swiss broker is not the only one to offer a demo account. In an internal training policy, the BDSwiss demo account has become an essential part of the forex and binary options oriented trading interfaces. BDSwiss offers a training account with a fictitious capital of 1000€, 100% free of charge, which offers the opportunity to train and take your marks, without any risk of financial losses, on the trading platform. Customers can use many of the features of the real money account. The software structure is based on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) which is the market leader in trading platforms. A wide range of financial instruments is available with a wide range of order placement and parameters: Take Profit / Stop Loss, effective margins, realised profits. Graphs and technical analysis are also available. A secure and pressure-free environment for quality hands-on learning.

Trading platform

What makes the BDSwiss trading platform so attractive to users? We can already start by mentioning the choice of the regulated online broker to base its IT backbone on the excellent and renowned MetaTrader. In its two main versions. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) for beginner or intermediate financiers who need limited options in relation to their actual level of skills and/or money management. MetaTrader 5 (MT5) for experienced traders who draw on advanced analytical tools and increasingly complex order placement to create a refined, potentially more profitable and secure strategy. Fluidity, stability and reactivity are the key words of the rational and profit-oriented approach of the BDSwiss trading site. Obviously, its attractiveness is not based on this single element.

BDSwiss trading robot

It is an extension of the advanced use of MetaTrader 5’s internal features. The BDSwiss trading robot allows traders to let their asset portfolio grow independently using a powerful algorithm. After a precise and coherent configuration in line with the trader’s financial strategy, the trading robot launches position openings that follow and anticipate market trends. Without intervening and over a defined period of time, the BDSwiss automatic trading robot technology offers the chance to see its investment funds grow rapidly. There is a downside. It is very important to keep in mind that this feature is still reserved for advanced traders. The configuration phase is essential. It is only possible to make the most of it with a thorough knowledge of the mechanisms of the financial markets and the influence of internal and external elements that are difficult to anticipate. The trading robot is not the ideal tool for dilettante trading. It can quickly become a dangerous tool

Mobile platform BDSwiss

An online trading platform must now have a high-performance mobile application to strengthen its user base. BDSwiss has been able to offer traders the nomadic tool they need. Based on MetaTrader WebTrader technology, investors can switch very naturally between the browser interface and its mobile version. The pocket-sized version contains the essentials of the broker. The speed of execution, the fluidity of the shares and the security of the transactions are of course the criteria of first choice. All financial products, charts and trading markets can be found anywhere, anytime, at the touch of a finger. The mobile app can be downloaded either for iOS on Apple Store or for Android on Google Play. BDSwiss trading takes on another dimension with this ultra-reactive and synchronised management capacity thanks to the implementation of email and SMS alerts. The BDSwiss mobile platform is a truly essential tool for all investors who wish to maintain their freedom of movement while earning money.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

In order to offer the most secure brokerage experience in their opinion BDSwiss requires a minimum deposit of €100. This may also be a way to select a clientele ready to engage seriously in stock market transactions. For the rest, making a BDSwiss deposit is very simple. From the customer area you just have to click on the corresponding “DEPOSIT” heading and then choose one of the many methods authorised by the support:

  • visa and Mastercard credit cards
  • the Maestro debit card
  • bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • skrill, Neteller and iDeal eWallets
  • more local payment solutions such as Sofort (Germany), GiroPay (Italy), EPS (Lithuania) and DotPay

All the deposit methods offered guarantee an immediate availability of the capital on the trader’s account. Without any cost for the user. If there are costs, BDSwiss will take care of them. Withdrawals are subject to a different minimum threshold depending on the withdrawal method used (€100 or €20) with a fixed charge of €10. They are processed within 24 hours by the support. The time it takes for the withdrawal to reach the bank account concerned depends solely on each bank. Only the BDSwiss withdrawal methods used during the deposit are authorised. The number of options to make a BDSwiss withdrawal is more limited:

  • visa and Mastercard credit cards
  • skrill and Neteller electronic wallets
  • Paypal
  • bank transfer

Once again, there is no cost to the trader. It is the broker who takes care of them.

Customer support

Customer service is one of the major assets of the Swiss broker. An extremely high number of clients give high praise to the quality of the service provided by the trading advisors who accompany them. The teams can be reached 5 days a week and 24 hours a day, covering most of the opening hours of the world’s financial markets. The expert advisers are multilingual to ensure an ever higher level of personalised service. The broker does not hesitate to put forward quite impressive statistics with :

  • an average of 35 seconds of care (regardless of the method used)
  • processing of withdrawal requests within a maximum of 5 hours

The means of contact are multiple and perfectly anchored in their time:

  • live chat from the site
  • WhatsApp
  • by simple mail
  • the option of automatic call-back by an advisor
  • email via the CONTACT section
  • by telephone to the dedicated customer platform, including one for English BDSwiss: 33 9 75 18 62 47

The watchwords are professionalism and active listening for relevant support at all times when an investor really needs it


BDSwiss is a CFD broker that is particularly active in providing educational support to its users. A wide range of materials is available, depending on the individual’s level. We have already mentioned the demo account, which is a very good way to try out online financial investments without risk and to discover the possibilities offered by the broker in peace of mind. The platform is equipped with several practical guides that cover a number of important topics for understanding trading and succeeding in its practice. How the site works, the meaning and use of charts or proven investment strategies. Depending on his needs, an investor can pick and choose from the guides that interest him. Of course BDSwiss offers an operational FAQ which answers a large majority of general questions. The general notions related to the online trader’s activity are treated with a lot of clarity: Forex, crypto currency, stock, spread, brokerage fees, etc. E-books can be downloaded free of charge from the electronic library accessible from the FAQ. Finally, a complete online training programme is made available to clients to help them progress step by step. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels can be chosen with increasing complexity for commensurate objectives. These online training courses take the form of webinars, seminars focusing on specific themes or live trading to follow the explained order placements of an expert trader


The security of personal and financial data is at the heart of the guarantees put forward by the Swiss broker. All personal spaces are subject to data encryption worthy of the best banking institutions. In addition to this, there is maximum security for incoming and outgoing transactions via 3D Secure technology, which is currently a particularly recommended banking solution since it provides enhanced authorisation via a double verification of the user’s identity.

bdswiss metatrader

Fees on BDSwiss

Trading fees

There are several types of BDSwiss brokerage fees. They depend on the type of financial instruments involved. To make it as simple as possible :

  • bDSwiss spread or commission calculated in pip (the difference between the purchase price and the sale price) for forex, crypto currencies and commodities
  • fixed fee for trading BDSwiss shares. 2€ for a Basic account, 1€ for a Raw account, free for a Black account

Non-trading expenses

The CFD broker applies other charges related to client account management. Here are the main ones:

  • inactivity fees from 90 days = 10% monthly of the remaining capital
  • overnight fee translated as a percentage depending on the type of product and the volume of the trading position
  • 10€ fixed fee for withdrawals by bank transfer for a minimum of 100€
  • 10€ fixed fee for withdrawals by another method for a minimum of 20€
  • exchange charges which are a percentage applied to the amount changed into another currency (on average 3%)

Financial markets and products

The broker BDSwiss provides access to the world’s largest stock exchanges. As a CFD broker, it is a Market Maker. Basically, it allows traders to speculate on the upward or downward movements of a financial instrument without ever owning it. They are remunerated on the difference between the opening and closing price of a position. The products offered are rather varied:

  • a total of around 170 underlying assets or CFDs
  • of which 21 currency pairs
  • 44 shares of international companies (Stock Market)
  • 32 stock market indices (CAC 40 for example)
  • 9 raw materials (gold, oil, etc.)
  • 4 crypto coins : Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple

The minimum order fee is 5€. Various leverage effects are available, up to 30:1 for CFD forex. 3 account types depending on your trading level – Basic (beginner), Raw (intermediate) and Black (professional) – with varying degrees of access to financial products, advanced features and investment capacity.


It is quite understandable that BDSwiss regularly ranks among the top 3 favourite online brokers in UK. Its reliable infrastructure, its reactivity and its wide choice of stock market investments make it a first-class online trading platform. Its low brokerage and management fees reinforce its profitability. Its technical analysis tools and numerous training materials provide constant quality support. Finally, customer support is a very strong link in the Swiss machinery. The absence of a BDSwiss bonus is compensated for by the benevolent involvement of each member of staff who only wish you success.

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